Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Week 13 catch up - skunked again...

So 52 games, I think thats the most all season for one week... And I skunked them. I went 20/51

How did I go so wrong? Well once again it wasnt so much a matter of calling the wrong game winner, just the wrong amount by which they would win! I hate and love that we use the spread as part of the picks, since it adds a level of difficulty. It also means a win isn't always a win, if it wasn't by 6!I hope no one uses me to help bet money this season. My Crystal ball obviously needs polishing.

Lets start with the games I called in the last blog, and just plain got wrong!

ECU over SMU -
45 - 38 SMU takes that one, and I take a hit.

Florida over Florida State
Florida State ROLLED 31-7

Penn State over Michigan State
Mich State wins 28-22 over Penn

The hits keep coming at me this week, but instead of limping you through just how wrong I was - I will tell you Tennessee beat Kentucky and that's all I really cared about :)

lets see if I can recover in the next week from a brutal beating. Through one black eye I call...

Pittsburgh over Cincy
Boise State over Utah State
Oregon over Oregon State

Only 16 games this week!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Fem Football Week 12 review and week 13 trash talk

I am very sad to see this season coming to a close. It seems when you are away from something, you miss it and love it more than usual. While I am not 100% away from football thanks to the internet, satellites, etc... I am not as immersed in it as I am in the States. Getting up at 3, 4, 5 am to stream the games on the internet, following the gamecast from ESPN, is better than nothing, but I miss all the commercials, constant roll out of info on the teams and players, sports talk shows, and seeing the fans sporting the gear all season long out in public. Participating in the picks has helped me stay in the loop, and I feel a small sense of normalcy when it comes to football.

For week 12 I did pretty well, might be one of my best weeks yet. I called a few upsets, and came out 28/44 in the picks bringing me back in the top 10! And I can thank myself for that not the "not so magic" 8-ball.

Some notable correct picks

Tennessee over Vandy. Most years that is an obvious pick, but the few years it has been very much up in the air as to who is gonna win. Its a major in state rivalry, and a fun one. I still pull for them when they are not playing Tennessee.

Hawaii over San Jose State. They covered the 30 point spread plus 4 points.

Unfortunately I DID NOT call any of the major upsets! Boo on me!
Oregon State over USC 36-7
Connecticut over syracuse 23-6

there were others... I missed them.

Will try to catch them on this next round.
I am gonna take
ECU over SMU
Florida over Florida State
Penn State over Michigan State

52 games this week... gonna be fun!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Fem Football Week 11 "Reply Hazy, Ask again"

So, I asked the magic 8 ball for its help in the picks this week. Well I did pick a few myself - I mean I can't leave the Tennessee game to the Oracle's fate (although I asked it anyway).

Obviously this "Magic" 8 ball needs to brush up on its college football, because this week stunk! I personally picked 5 games and took the rest to the Ball.

Right now WE - the ball and I - stand at 20/46 with 4 games left to finish. WOW!

I got 4/5 of my picks right, the 8ball is 15/41!!! Needless to say, I will not be consulting IT again for this. Although it was fun! For a little while I thought HIS 8-ness was seriously messing with me, by telling me every team I asked (I just went with the favorites) was going to win. So to test IT, I would then ask if the underdog was going to win, and would get a "no" answer of some kind. So it was consistent for the most part. I think I will stick to my own devices and wits for the next set of picks. With the season coming to a fast close, I need to get serious and try my best to finish in the top 10, as I have slipped down to a mediocre 19th!

Here are my personal Week 11 picks for which I said "As I see it, Yes"

E Mich vs W Mich - I took W Mich they won 45-30
Tennessee vs Mississippi - I took Tenn

Tennessee came out and spanked Ole Miss like it was their birthday! I haven't been this proud in a while watching a Vols game, even though I proudly don the Big Orange T every weekend, and carry the tote (from Victoria's Secret) every where I go. I usually have to shrug and say, "we are rebuilding". Another new coaching team, scars still healing from the lashes bestowed on us thanks to Lane Kiffin, and a team that is not yet a "team" - although it looked like that may have changed today!! Today I jumped up and down on the couch like Tom Cruise and proclaimed my love for the Volunteers. It was a Yee-Haw moment.

Tennessee's first SEC win of the season, Dooleys first conference win as the Vols Head Coach - and we officially have a streak :) Yes its just two wins in a row, But hey even Texas can't pull that off right now!
An 80 yard return - off a tipped pass, by Hunter, a 46 yard interception return by Gordon, a 43 yard FG by Lincoln... I mean the VOLS were on F-I-R-E today. So one more for the road... sing it with me... Good ole Rocky Top... Rocky Top Tennessee... Rocky Top Tennessee!!!

Speaking of Texas, What do you call a ... ahh crap - today's performance was enough of a joke, to not have to give you a punchline. I picked Oklahoma State to wrangle the Horns - Done!
The Cowboys finally ended their 12 year losing streak against the Horns in an epic battle ending in a 33-16 victory. Gone are the days when Gundy walks off the Longhorn's field with his head hung low, at least for one season. The comeback kids of Texas, and their historical rallies are becoming mere memories in Memorial. Next week should be a cake walk for Texas, but in light of recent (4 in a row) events... I am not so sure. mmmm Cake sounds good.

Iowa vs Northwestern - I took Iowa, as I thought they had the set to beat Northwestern this year, in hopes of getting that long over due revenge. It was an exciting battle of defenses, but unfortunately the EYES lost 21-17, and will have to wait another year for a chance at the Wildcats. The Big 10 title is off the table, even if they can beat their other "Big 10mesis" Ohio State next week.

My last personal pick -
South Carolina over Florida and it was a sweet sweet day to be a Gator Hator - 36-14 -only the Gamecocks got out alive. Former Gator coach Spurrier huffed and puffed and blew down the powerhouse HE built. To quote Meyer himself "We just didn't execute," Meyer said. "We're just not very good." It must have been bittersweet for Spurrier, but to the victor goes the SEC conference game! SCaro vs Auburn -will Auburn give them another whoopin?

oh and my WTF of the week...

Wisconsin, who was favored to win by 21, absolutely whomped Indiana 83 - 20. The Badgers, tied the highest scoring record for a Big 10 conference game, set by Ohio State in 195o, when they won 83-21 over Iowa. Way to go Badgers!

Till next time...

Friday, November 12, 2010

fem football week 10 part 2 - Recaps and predictions...

As I sit here going over this weeks (week 11) games, I volley with myself over whether or not the teams on winning streaks are due for a loss, the teams losing are due for a win, and if I should go with Texas to win this week against Oklahoma State . I consult the magic 8 ball and it says "My sources say no".... Even the 8 ball knows Texas is going down for a 4th week.

Some big rivalries this week. East siiiiide.... versus West siiiiiiide in the Michigans has me throwing up a big W and going with the Broncos.

Iowa versus Northwestern - Northwestern won against the Hawkeyes last season 17-10, so the Eyes will be looking for revenge while also looking to get the Big 10 title. However Northwestern has won 4 of the last 5 meetings. Last week Iowa made a come from behind rally to win against Indiana... Can they rally again this week to break the streak against the wildcats? I hope so... I am taking them to win by at least 10!

Oklahoma vs Texas Tech should prove to be an interesting match up. The Sooners lost to TT last year 41-13, so there is definitely revenge in the air. They have the added pressure of maintaining the nation's longest home winning streak - 35 games straight since their loss to TCU in 05. But while it seems they play better at home, the last few games, both home and away have been volatile. I again go to the magic 8 ball to ask if the Sooners will win and get "My reply is No".

A few upsets I am predicting

Virginia over Maryland
Rutgers over Syracuse
South Carolina over Florida
Tennessee over Mississippi

and to let you know how I faired for week 10 - 22/46 for one of my weakest weeks ever. I hope to revive this week, and gain some late season traction to at least finish top 5 in the picks.

Some upsets I predicted from week 10
North Carolina over Florida State
UCLA over Oregon State
Kansas State over Texas

and my WTF of the week.... Navy took out ECU 76-35... DAMN!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Fem Football Week 10 part 1 - Texas loses AGAIN!

Go east till you smell shit, that's Oklahoma. Then turn south until you step in it, that's Texas...

I don't usually pick on one team sooo much. But come on! The only difference this week was it was a road game and not a home game. To call Texas a struggling team would be an understatement at this point. I would call them disappointing. Every week they are favorites to win, but end up losing. I almost feel bad for them... almost. You may recall I am a Sooner wife, so whats bad for the Longhorns is good for the Sooners.

The Great Garrett Gilbert seemed to have forgotten who he was passing to, as he threw 5 interceptions, ironically making for a better completion record to a K-State receiver than the K-State quarterback Klein did !! Filled with mistakes, mishaps, and misthrows - Texas loses 39-14

more football fun to come when the games finish in a few hours!

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Fem Football Weeks 9 - Favorites roll as Texas rolls over

As I predicted last week - in a half joking manner , Texas lost to Baylor. It seems to be a magic place for underdogs and teams that have never beat Texas, or haven't in a loooooooong time. 1997 was the last time the Bears beat the Horns. Baylor is usually in the bottom of the Big 12, but this year seem to be "taking over" - While lagging most of the game, they came back in the 3rd quarter with a 69 yard touchdown run, and then a 1 yard TD, then a pass for another TD. Final run - was to the corner to celebrate with the fans who trucked out to watch the victory. I think that Texas is going to need a bigger visitors section if they keep up the losing streak. Memorial Stadium, in memory of team that was once called the Texas Longhorns, but are now known as losers.

As for the picks, Favorites seemed to be taking the roll seriously, and winning as predicted. And things seemed to be status quo. Vandy lost to Arkansas, Washington to Stanford...although Virginia did pull an unexpected win over Miami (FL) who was favored by 15...

Florida took the controversial win over Georgia, in over time. This is the first OT in 95 meetings, and one for the history books, as both teams were unranked for the first time in over a decade. Although Florida has won 18 of the last 21 games, they came in as the underdogs of this game. Taking beatings the last 3 games, and falling out of the top 25 in week 8, things have been bleak for the Gators. Next week might as well be a bye week as they play Vandy, but they then have ranked South Carolina to contend with in week 11!

Predictions for next week
Dare I call ANOTHER Texas loss?
TCU over Utah
Iowa State over Nebraska
Texas Tech over Missouri

Monday, October 25, 2010

Fem Football Weeks 8 - An F2 hits Texas

SO, as per usual this is in retrospect of the weeks games, instead of a preview of the upcoming games.

Week 8

Yet another average week in the picks for me. I do about as well as the coin toss on a weekly basis, with a 50% or better percentage, although I haven't actually resorted to the coin toss to help with my picks yet. 27/49 for 55% While there were small discrepancies in who would cover the spread, who would win outright, and who would lose

My big pick win was

- Iowa State over Texas. Texas was the favorite by 21 points. Iowa walked into Memorial Stadium and grabbed the Horns by the horns. They forced 4 turnovers in a tornado of fast and furious plays. Statistically they should not have won the game. They had fewer first downs, and more penalties, but made the most of their possession time. They scored first, and then held strong the whole game despite attempts by Texas to rally. Whether it was Garrett Gilberts inability to hit his target, or the fact that the Iowa State defense kept chipping at the Longhorns offense... one thing is for sure - It was a magic day for the Cyclones, and they left a trail of destruction on the horns home field, and giving Mack Brown his second consecutive home loss since 1997. Congrats to Iowa State on their first win over Texas, and on a ranked team on the road in over 2 decades!

Iowa State 28 Texas 21

I am predicting a week 9 upset of Baylor over Texas :)

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Fem Football - week 7, Aloha! huh? sigh... Aloha...

EEEEEEEEKKKKKKK! I did what? For those who may not know, Aloha, means hello AND goodbye. Why am I saying that in a football blog? Because, this weekend, Saturday the 16th, I threw a Luau birthday party for a [turning] 3 year old. It was great! There were leis, coconut cups to drink out of, tiki torches, and fantastic beach birthday cake! Organizing the decorations + planning the menu + packing good bags + shopping for last minute items (like a pineapple) = I forgot to do my picks.

Yeah. I know.

Thankfully, there is a default in our little program. Preseason we choose how we want our "missed" weeks to auto pick for us. I default to the favorites. Choices are favorites, underdogs, home team, road team...so while you won't miss a week, you don't get much choice in the picks other than that variant. I defaulted 24/50... ho hum.

So other than the stupid mistake of NOT doing my picks this week, I can't blog about why I picked so and so, and his hair, or any other choices I made.

So I will go to another default, this time for the blog. I will actually talk about some of the football info floating around out there.

I will now reach into my helmet and magically pull out a topic...

Oklahoma, Oklahoma VS Iowa State, and Oklahoma vs Missouri - No for the record, I am not a Sooners fan, but I am married to one.

I didn't pick this team for that reason though.

Oklahoma vs Iowa State - this is the game that put Oklahoma back in the #1 spot. While they hold a few records for this spot, such as "most weeks ranked #1" which sits at 97 weeks, and a streak of 15 consecutive weeks ranked #1, this spot has been eluding them for some time now. In 2004 they were seated number 2 from preseason, through the end, where they lost the BCS championship title to LSU 21-14. Thats when the trouble started. They spent the next 2 years barely waving in and out of the top 25, 2007 they seemed to be getting their groove back, and 2008 they were back in the top 10 all season, even taking turns in the #1 seat weeks 5 and 6. Again they played for the BCS Championship title, and AGAIN they lost - this time to the Gators, and the not so Tiny Tim Tebow 24-14. Which made 2009 an interesting season. We expected the team we saw the year before, but instead the team lost that loving feeling and fell out of the top 25 in week 10. They remained outside the circle for the rest of the season. HUH??

This brings us to this year. They magically managed a number 7 ranking in the preseason, and after some sketchy "almost losses "that were somehow wins, find themselves in the #1 seat once again. A 52-0 victory over Iowa State, more than doubling the spread of 23.5, Ryan Broyles had 182 yards receiving and DeMarco Murray set the school record for most TDs during their stomping of Iowa State, bringing his total to 58 [career touchdowns]. Iowa State was still reeling from their 68-27 loss to Utah, but looked like a high school team with barely 183 total yards the whole game despite 27:03 minutes of possession time. The Sooners magic offense and defense made the most of their 32:57 minutes of possession with 37 first downs, 7 TDs and a field goal. Could this be the team we once knew?

Remaining in the number one spot is going to be tough, and with the schedule set ahead of them, some may say impossible. They are only favored 3 points over next weeks Missouri. Missouri, who managed 7 sacks in last weeks game vs Texas A&M, winning 30-9, will be OU's biggest test this season, despite their 11th place ranking. Missouri is 6-0, Oklahoma is 6-0, Oklahoma has won seven in a row over Missouri and 19 of 20 in the series, with the Tigers' only victory coming in 1998.

The Tigers 35 point game average, and impeccable defense take on the Sooners record setting offense....

Eenie Meenie Minie Mo, can a Sooner catch a Tiger by the toe, again?

dum dum dum.... tune in next week, and find out!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Fem Football Week 6 - Murphys Law

After last weeks little experiment, I decided to go back to my usual science in my picks. Now as it is not really proprietary info, I don't mind sharing a bit of my personal picking logic.

I go to the teams ESPN page. I look at passing yards, rushing yards, previous scores, influential injuries, and a few other minor stats and weigh that against the same of the opponent. Then I take that and weigh it against the spread. While some think its an archaic way to to pick football, it definitely adds some extra oomph to the picks. Sometimes the spread is just outrageous, and you think there is no way the team can win by that much. Ya never really know. Teams have stomped a 3 point spread with a score of 60-0, or not come close to covering a 35 point spread and barely winning by a field goal. Regardless, the spread is part of the action in the betting world, and my little "upick" world. So with those factors all calculated, I pick my teams and hope for the best.

Week 6 had a few hard to call spreads. Michigan (favored +5) v Michigan State. Not only did they NOT cover a 5 point spread, they LOST 34-17! UGH.

LSU 33 v Florida 29 (favored +7.5)

S Carolina 35 v Alabama 21 (favored +8)

shall I go on?

TCU had a 35 point spread to cover over Wyoming, and did so with 45-0 win. Now, while I fully appreciate TCU's perfect record and expected them to win, I did not expect the little Horny Frogs to deliver quite so well. I sadly picked the Cowboys to not allow coverage! ACK. I am going to take TCU over BYU next week. GO FROGS

Out of pure loyalty I ALWAYS pick Tennessee to win. Part of me is afraid that if I don't, I could be the hex that makes them lose. Like not clapping for Tinkerbell, not believing in your team, could kill them. As the VOLS are still adjusting to the new coach (again), and the after math of Lane Kiffin, it looks as if we may have a few more "rebuilding years" to go. I keep clapping and believing, and am hopeful that it will all come together sooner rather than later.

In the end this week was below average. 21/45 But I was reminded of something this week, that I learned a long time ago.... the coin toss applies to more than just who starts the game off with a kick!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Fem Football Week 5 - Missed it by a Hair Cut

During week 4, I watched parts of the Penn State vs Temple game, and I noticed one of the players take his helmet off. His hair, although nicely kept, seemed to not be phased by the helmet. I do not recall his name or jersey number, just his hair. Looked like "going out" hair, not football hair. This led to an irrational line of thinking. Try to follow along.

I wonder how long it takes him to do his hair. Hair gel? wax? hmmmm. Penn State is not playing too well right now, wonder if he is more concerned with the damage the helmet is doing to his hair? hahahhah... I am sure a guy in a football game does not care about his hair.

That however, is how I decided to do the next weeks (5) picks. I will say for the record, I did not google every player, just the quarterbacks, and picked the team with the quarterback who had what appeared to be the most low maintenance hair. I went 25/47 in the picks -roughly 53% accurate even against the spread, while using hairstyles as my gauge. I would have fared only slightly higher with 27/47 if I had done the picks based on my usual routine of stats comparisons, and scores in previous games, etc. Not too bad. The competitive side of me wishes I had gone my usual route, so I could move up the ranks a bit in the picks. I am currently tied for 9th out of 70. But in the end, it was a fun experiment.

To fulfill your curiosity, here are a few examples of my picks using the first 3 games in the list

Oklahoma's Landry Jones vs Texas' Garrett Gilbert

Both are cute, and about the same length, so I had to delve a little deeper, and go with Texas, since Landry adds the "widows peak" to the front of his hair. Seeing the little extra he went with his hair, should have tipped me off to the extra he puts in the game.
OU 28 v Texas 20

Connecticut's Zach Frazer vs Vandy's Larry Smith

You can imagine my panic when I started googling this one. As much as I would love to see Vandy win, after all they are a Tennessee team, and one of the Nashville Home Teams, its not a likely outcome. I was pretty relieved to see Larry's Lovely Locks hanging out of his skull cap. Pretty hair. Not a pretty game
Connecticut 40 v Vandy 21

Ohio's Boo Jackson vs E Michigan's Alex Gillet

Eh. Ok. Confession. I cheated on this one after these photos. Sorry Alex. You look like you throw like a girl. So I cheated and rationalized that Boo doesn't do his own hair, so his maintenance is nil. :)
Ohio 30 v E Mich 17

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Fem Football Week 4 part 2

So I finished out ok in the week 4 picks. There were 47 games selected for week 4, and I was glad to see I was not the only one thrown off by the match ups of the week. I finished with a middle of the road 23/47 There were a lot of surprising wins and losses - as there are every week. This set just seemed to be extra strange and WTF worthy. NC State over Georgia Tech?

Ohio State won 73-20 over Eastern Mich. I think they magically added time to the game, or doubled down on the shoe!! Impressive maybe, but I am giving them a penalty for excessive showboating.

I reveled in the Texas loss even though I had picked them to win. My husband is a Sooner which makes me a Sooner supporter by default. Speaking of, boy did I under estimate CINCY! Yes the Sooners won, but it felt less like an actual win and more like - when a big brother runs slower than he actually can, in order to make the little brother feel good about himself when he almost beats him to the finish line - Only to screw around too much and actually almost lose. While the Sooners were not trying to let the Bearcats win - it was hard to identify the real underdog in that game.

Bleh. Lets talk about a few of the upcoming games as this last week gave me a headache. All the teeth clenching and yelling, head shaking and banging against the wall has left me dizzy.

Which brings me to the Texas v Oklahoma game. Texas gets the sympathy vote after the shooting on campus, but after their succssful loss to UCLA, its a hard sell even with the spread in their favor by 3.5 Whats a girl to do?

Vanderbilt is back to play like the little Rudy's we saw vs Mississippi. I am pulling hard for them in hopes this magic lasts - and I think it should go on at least a little while longer vs the huskeys.

Yes there are many a many more games in week 5, but I am going to end on Tennessee vs LSU

I am scratching my head. Logic says LSU should have this in the bag. I am pretty sure that Les Miles has a standing order to execute the weakest links of the team every week. So to be the under dog in this match up, I think these dogs are in a corner. I still take Tennessee in this game. I think its just crazy enough to be reality after last week. GO VOLS

till next time -


Saturday, September 25, 2010

Fem Football Week 4 part 1

We are right in the middle of the week 4 games. I am watching several of the games in shock and excitment as we speak. I am not doing so well, as many of my teams didn't cover the points spread. So regardless of if a team won the game, I lose the pick, and kick myself for not taking the opposing team. Out of 47 games this week - as of this moment 20 are completed, and I am 10/20. hopefully the next 27 games go better for me. To rub salt in my own wounds I will share some of my wrong picks :

Oklahoma vs Cincinnati - spread was 15.5 in OK favor, and they won by 3 - I should have known better.

Iowa vs Ball state - spread 28 in favor of Iowa. I had no doubts Iowa would win, but didn't they would cover. final score? 45-0 - Leaves me feeling like a pretty big goose egg myself!

And just to round out the humiliation with a good even number 3 -

One I NEVER saw coming, and apparently neither did they. The look on Coach Browns face was pretty priceless.
Texas vs UCLA - spread was 16. Should have been a cakewalk for Texas.

UCLA 34 Texas 12

I am off to see if my teams can salvage what little picking dignity I have left.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Fem Football week 3 replay

Ahhhh college football is again making my blood boil. I love it, and hate it and love it some more. My husband says its my competitiveness... that I am too competitive, too intense about it. Maybe, but like he's really one to talk. He took himself out of the picks this year, because of the valve replacement surgery he almost needed after an Oklahoma loss.

I try to use logic when making my picks. Who has the best rated defense, best quarter back, best kicker etc. You weigh that against the stats of the other team, and logically there is a winner. But truthfully, logic fails a lot when it comes to football. Math fails to account for heart, determination, or the all out "WTF" fluke. This is why we have upsets of the week, or an entire upset week. Its often a coin toss as to who will win, as much as we picksters like to think that it is our knowledge of the game, our keen insight into the workings of the coaches brain, or whatever, that helps make our choices every week. Regardless of how the Football gods smiled down or smited us, we pat ourselves on the back, and rah rah rah when we have a good set. Like I did in week 3 . Here is an excerpt from the newsletter sent out by our organizer:

Its pretty awesome to be awesome - even if for one small weekend.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Fem Football

Ahhh College Football. For those of us who love it, we crave it. We talk about it during the off season, we argue over Quarter Backs and Wide Receivers, coaches, penalties, assistant coaches - basically anything to keep the conversation going and the team spirit alive. We breath a sigh of relief when August rolls around, and get the grill ready for tailgating.

Something about the crunch of leaves, and cool breeze makes me want to crack open a beer and toss the football around. But alas, there is no cool breeze in Singapore. So I have to pretend its cool enough for my football sweater, and watch the games via stream on the net. I still enjoy the beer, and tailgate on my balcony.

I am one of the few women I know who participates in the picks. Games are selected every week, points spread, favorite vs underdog, home vs away etc is all mapped out.
We pick
*top ten - who we think the top ten will be when the season is over, and we do this before the season opener
*a sleeper - someone not in the top preseason rankings but we think will be at the end,
*a clunker - a team currently ranked that we think will fall out.

I am up against mostly men.

Men who played football in high school, some in college, all of them in the back yard. They know scores from 10 years ago, averages, yards rushing, height weight and the name of the girlfriend of everyone who picks up a ball in the NCAA.

I paint my toenails while looking over the stats I won't remember, and use weird female scientific rationale to choose my picks.

There are roughly 70 participants, 4 of us female. I am currently the only woman in the top 20, and am tied with 6 others for 9th place. I think I am rocking this thing!

I will keep you updated on my rise and fall. But so you know, my top 10, clunker, and sleeper

Team #1: Ohio State
Team #2: Auburn
Team #3: Florida
Team #4: LSU
Team #5: TCU
Team #6: Texas
Team #7: Oklahoma
Team #8: Boise State
Team #9: Nebraska
Team #10: Tennessee

Sleeper team Tennessee
Clunker Penn State
and I am in the SEC with the VOLS.

I bleed Orange, heart Peyton Manning, Smokey, and Rocky Top.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Plans, I have Plans?

I have a huge day planner. I bought it last Nov in anticipation of the new year. I love it. It doesn't fit in my purse, but it holds my life neatly in little tabs with multicolored paper clips, sorted by date, and time.

But I am a combo girl. Burger and fries, mayo and mustard etc. So I use both my day planner and the electronic calender on my iPhone so I get that alarm that tells me I am late for the thing circled in red in my day planner.

Truth be known, I am a stationary addict. I love clean paper, new notebooks, and sticky notes. I love to walk around a stationary store and look at all the stuff I don't need. The only thing I love more than stationary, is personalized stationary. Which is why I am a Vistaprint addict. They ought to pay me a commission for all the business I have sent their way, and the amount of money I have spent on that fantastic website. Notepads with my own logo, business cards with my name and number, funny t-shirts so my friends can wear things that say "More FUN" and "Vanilla Gorilla" on them. Photo coffee mugs with pics of my kids, tote bags with my nieces names, and the list goes on.


I need a new day planner. The year is almost over, and they didn't make a 2011 version of the one I have now. I know it seems I should have time to get a new one, but with all the event planning I have coming up, I need it now so I can start scribbling my notes, highlighting random info, and making those big red circles around important dates. I can't start ticking off the things I have done for my Jan and Feb stuff in the already "last years" planner.

Sounds like an excuse to wonder the stationary store. Anyone wanna chaperon me so I don't walk out of there with 500 new paint pens, post its, and paperclips?