Friday, August 19, 2011

Are you REALLY ready for some football?

You are not really ready for the big game unless you have your game day gear! Hats, shirts, banners, etc. There is even jewelry for the ladies! Shoes, scarves, ties, gloves, glasses, you name it, you can find it...

I have a set of Tennessee earrings and a necklace, of course shirts, a bag, and I just ordered some flip flops :)

Here is a draft of some of my favorite sites to shop for team gear! - you can start off by entering your team name, so no sorting through other teams! - serious stuff, or funny stuff - Check out their line of Honey Badger gear :) - but Honey Badger doesn't give a sh*t if you buy it or not! (I ordered mine already :)

For those living under a rock, here is the Honey Badger Video! - This site even has a special line by one Miss Alyssa Milano!

For great one stop shopping: - they round up many of the shops and stores for you, and you can apply any coupons you might have.

For daily hot deals check out  Zulily - right now they have lots of college gear for everyone - including the babies at super low prices!

There are literally thousands of stores out there to choose from, what are your favorites?


  1. OMG the honey badger thing is so funny!

  2. Thanks for sharing the sites, I will keep them in mind for my game day gear.
    Oh yes! I am football ready. :)

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