Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Week 13 catch up - skunked again...

So 52 games, I think thats the most all season for one week... And I skunked them. I went 20/51

How did I go so wrong? Well once again it wasnt so much a matter of calling the wrong game winner, just the wrong amount by which they would win! I hate and love that we use the spread as part of the picks, since it adds a level of difficulty. It also means a win isn't always a win, if it wasn't by 6!I hope no one uses me to help bet money this season. My Crystal ball obviously needs polishing.

Lets start with the games I called in the last blog, and just plain got wrong!

ECU over SMU -
45 - 38 SMU takes that one, and I take a hit.

Florida over Florida State
Florida State ROLLED 31-7

Penn State over Michigan State
Mich State wins 28-22 over Penn

The hits keep coming at me this week, but instead of limping you through just how wrong I was - I will tell you Tennessee beat Kentucky and that's all I really cared about :)

lets see if I can recover in the next week from a brutal beating. Through one black eye I call...

Pittsburgh over Cincy
Boise State over Utah State
Oregon over Oregon State

Only 16 games this week!