Thursday, September 30, 2010

Fem Football Week 4 part 2

So I finished out ok in the week 4 picks. There were 47 games selected for week 4, and I was glad to see I was not the only one thrown off by the match ups of the week. I finished with a middle of the road 23/47 There were a lot of surprising wins and losses - as there are every week. This set just seemed to be extra strange and WTF worthy. NC State over Georgia Tech?

Ohio State won 73-20 over Eastern Mich. I think they magically added time to the game, or doubled down on the shoe!! Impressive maybe, but I am giving them a penalty for excessive showboating.

I reveled in the Texas loss even though I had picked them to win. My husband is a Sooner which makes me a Sooner supporter by default. Speaking of, boy did I under estimate CINCY! Yes the Sooners won, but it felt less like an actual win and more like - when a big brother runs slower than he actually can, in order to make the little brother feel good about himself when he almost beats him to the finish line - Only to screw around too much and actually almost lose. While the Sooners were not trying to let the Bearcats win - it was hard to identify the real underdog in that game.

Bleh. Lets talk about a few of the upcoming games as this last week gave me a headache. All the teeth clenching and yelling, head shaking and banging against the wall has left me dizzy.

Which brings me to the Texas v Oklahoma game. Texas gets the sympathy vote after the shooting on campus, but after their succssful loss to UCLA, its a hard sell even with the spread in their favor by 3.5 Whats a girl to do?

Vanderbilt is back to play like the little Rudy's we saw vs Mississippi. I am pulling hard for them in hopes this magic lasts - and I think it should go on at least a little while longer vs the huskeys.

Yes there are many a many more games in week 5, but I am going to end on Tennessee vs LSU

I am scratching my head. Logic says LSU should have this in the bag. I am pretty sure that Les Miles has a standing order to execute the weakest links of the team every week. So to be the under dog in this match up, I think these dogs are in a corner. I still take Tennessee in this game. I think its just crazy enough to be reality after last week. GO VOLS

till next time -