Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Fem Football Week 5 - Missed it by a Hair Cut

During week 4, I watched parts of the Penn State vs Temple game, and I noticed one of the players take his helmet off. His hair, although nicely kept, seemed to not be phased by the helmet. I do not recall his name or jersey number, just his hair. Looked like "going out" hair, not football hair. This led to an irrational line of thinking. Try to follow along.

I wonder how long it takes him to do his hair. Hair gel? wax? hmmmm. Penn State is not playing too well right now, wonder if he is more concerned with the damage the helmet is doing to his hair? hahahhah... I am sure a guy in a football game does not care about his hair.

That however, is how I decided to do the next weeks (5) picks. I will say for the record, I did not google every player, just the quarterbacks, and picked the team with the quarterback who had what appeared to be the most low maintenance hair. I went 25/47 in the picks -roughly 53% accurate even against the spread, while using hairstyles as my gauge. I would have fared only slightly higher with 27/47 if I had done the picks based on my usual routine of stats comparisons, and scores in previous games, etc. Not too bad. The competitive side of me wishes I had gone my usual route, so I could move up the ranks a bit in the picks. I am currently tied for 9th out of 70. But in the end, it was a fun experiment.

To fulfill your curiosity, here are a few examples of my picks using the first 3 games in the list

Oklahoma's Landry Jones vs Texas' Garrett Gilbert

Both are cute, and about the same length, so I had to delve a little deeper, and go with Texas, since Landry adds the "widows peak" to the front of his hair. Seeing the little extra he went with his hair, should have tipped me off to the extra he puts in the game.
OU 28 v Texas 20

Connecticut's Zach Frazer vs Vandy's Larry Smith

You can imagine my panic when I started googling this one. As much as I would love to see Vandy win, after all they are a Tennessee team, and one of the Nashville Home Teams, its not a likely outcome. I was pretty relieved to see Larry's Lovely Locks hanging out of his skull cap. Pretty hair. Not a pretty game
Connecticut 40 v Vandy 21

Ohio's Boo Jackson vs E Michigan's Alex Gillet

Eh. Ok. Confession. I cheated on this one after these photos. Sorry Alex. You look like you throw like a girl. So I cheated and rationalized that Boo doesn't do his own hair, so his maintenance is nil. :)
Ohio 30 v E Mich 17