Saturday, November 6, 2010

Fem Football Week 10 part 1 - Texas loses AGAIN!

Go east till you smell shit, that's Oklahoma. Then turn south until you step in it, that's Texas...

I don't usually pick on one team sooo much. But come on! The only difference this week was it was a road game and not a home game. To call Texas a struggling team would be an understatement at this point. I would call them disappointing. Every week they are favorites to win, but end up losing. I almost feel bad for them... almost. You may recall I am a Sooner wife, so whats bad for the Longhorns is good for the Sooners.

The Great Garrett Gilbert seemed to have forgotten who he was passing to, as he threw 5 interceptions, ironically making for a better completion record to a K-State receiver than the K-State quarterback Klein did !! Filled with mistakes, mishaps, and misthrows - Texas loses 39-14

more football fun to come when the games finish in a few hours!

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Fem Football Weeks 9 - Favorites roll as Texas rolls over

As I predicted last week - in a half joking manner , Texas lost to Baylor. It seems to be a magic place for underdogs and teams that have never beat Texas, or haven't in a loooooooong time. 1997 was the last time the Bears beat the Horns. Baylor is usually in the bottom of the Big 12, but this year seem to be "taking over" - While lagging most of the game, they came back in the 3rd quarter with a 69 yard touchdown run, and then a 1 yard TD, then a pass for another TD. Final run - was to the corner to celebrate with the fans who trucked out to watch the victory. I think that Texas is going to need a bigger visitors section if they keep up the losing streak. Memorial Stadium, in memory of team that was once called the Texas Longhorns, but are now known as losers.

As for the picks, Favorites seemed to be taking the roll seriously, and winning as predicted. And things seemed to be status quo. Vandy lost to Arkansas, Washington to Stanford...although Virginia did pull an unexpected win over Miami (FL) who was favored by 15...

Florida took the controversial win over Georgia, in over time. This is the first OT in 95 meetings, and one for the history books, as both teams were unranked for the first time in over a decade. Although Florida has won 18 of the last 21 games, they came in as the underdogs of this game. Taking beatings the last 3 games, and falling out of the top 25 in week 8, things have been bleak for the Gators. Next week might as well be a bye week as they play Vandy, but they then have ranked South Carolina to contend with in week 11!

Predictions for next week
Dare I call ANOTHER Texas loss?
TCU over Utah
Iowa State over Nebraska
Texas Tech over Missouri