Friday, September 2, 2011

NCAA football Week 1 Predictions

I have always wondered what it would be like to have all those announcers giving play by plays of my life like they do the game.

Bob "She is exiting the bathroom now, and it looks like she washed her hands."
Bill "Yes Bob, her hands look like they've been washed... thats the sign of a good hygienic person right there, her Husband Brad obviously recruited well."

Bob "Ya know she was the leading handwasher in High School with over 12 washes per day..."
Bill " I did not know that...Let's go to Nick on the sidelines to find out more"

"Hi this is Nick and I am standing in the hallway next to the bathroom where Paula has just emerged and apparently washed her hands for the 10th consecutive time today; Paula how are you feeling right now?"

I'm feeling pretty good about this weeks picks. The Start of the season is always the most difficult for me. Its hard with 2 young boys to constantly keep up with all the off season news and happenings, plus living is Singapore I am not flooded with the info... but I try. But, the first week has everyone's adrenaline pumping, and you just never know who will come out on top... Half the fun of the picks is trying to figure that out! :)

Here are 3 of my picks for week 1 - remember this is against the spread!

Texas V Rice - 23.5 - While I think Texas is gonna win, I do not think they are going to cover. It is still to be seen whether or not the team has recovered from last years mishap of a season.

Ohio vs New Mexico State - 7.5 - I took Ohio, to win and to cover. I just do not think the NMS Aggies have the manpower to take on the Bobcats. This is a good practice game for Ohio, and I am even going to be so cocky as to make a guess on the scoring... 56-14 - I think the Aggies can pull a few points when the Ohio 3rd string comes on the field.

USC vs Minn - 21 - I DO think USC is gonna take this one, but I think it will be a much closer game than 21. I am pretty sure there are more holes in the USC defense than they think, and the Kiffins have not settled just yet. Although, this will not be the beginning of a magic year for Minnesota... they could be a bit more interesting to watch this year.

I'm also taking Tennessee over Montana,  LSU over Oregon, and Northwestern over Boston College!

Off to watch the games, and hope my girly senses are right!


Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A Sleeper, a clunker, and the final 10

I am part of a picks group over at - great site. It is soooo easy - just run down the pre set games each week, and pick against the spread. Ok so that part is not so easy, but the procedure itself is! At the beginning of the season we pick a clunker - a team who will fall from the top 25, a sleeper - a team not in the top 25 in the start but will finish there, and who we think the final top 10 will be.

So to set up my end of season walk of shame, here are my picks.

Sleeper: Tennessee - not currently in the top 25 (boohoo) but I have faith they will be!! For starters  Dooley has had some time to settle and take stock of his herd. And while there may be a lot of young new team mates on the roster, I am hopeful that the talent in the players will over ride the lack of experience. Plus, I am loyal to a fault!

Clunker: Penn State - I had a hard time picking this one. They are currently ranked 25 in the USA today poll, but my final decision was pushed by the fact that they still have not named a starting QB or right guard, their kicker is suspended and Paterno himself is on the injured list thanks to receiver Devon Smith running him down during practice! They just don't seem as together as they should be with mere hours remaining before the official season starts.

Now for my top 10.

Team #1: Oklahoma
Team #2: Alabama
Team #3: Florida State
Team #4: LSU
Team #5: Oregon
Team #6: South Carolina
Team #7: Oklahoma State
Team #8: TCU
Team #9: Texas A&M
Team #10: Auburn

I argued with myself more than a few times, and this is my final answer. Surely I will kick my self several times throughout the season. Is it just me, or does every team seem to be oozing some sort of awesomeness this year? Maybe its just rose colored football is finally back is session beer goggles everyone is wearing.

I will get points for correctly picking teams, as well as having them in the right spot. Even now I am thinking of making a quick change before the window closes in a few hours!

Who would you put in the top 10? your clunker? your sleeper?