Monday, October 25, 2010

Fem Football Weeks 8 - An F2 hits Texas

SO, as per usual this is in retrospect of the weeks games, instead of a preview of the upcoming games.

Week 8

Yet another average week in the picks for me. I do about as well as the coin toss on a weekly basis, with a 50% or better percentage, although I haven't actually resorted to the coin toss to help with my picks yet. 27/49 for 55% While there were small discrepancies in who would cover the spread, who would win outright, and who would lose

My big pick win was

- Iowa State over Texas. Texas was the favorite by 21 points. Iowa walked into Memorial Stadium and grabbed the Horns by the horns. They forced 4 turnovers in a tornado of fast and furious plays. Statistically they should not have won the game. They had fewer first downs, and more penalties, but made the most of their possession time. They scored first, and then held strong the whole game despite attempts by Texas to rally. Whether it was Garrett Gilberts inability to hit his target, or the fact that the Iowa State defense kept chipping at the Longhorns offense... one thing is for sure - It was a magic day for the Cyclones, and they left a trail of destruction on the horns home field, and giving Mack Brown his second consecutive home loss since 1997. Congrats to Iowa State on their first win over Texas, and on a ranked team on the road in over 2 decades!

Iowa State 28 Texas 21

I am predicting a week 9 upset of Baylor over Texas :)