Saturday, November 13, 2010

Fem Football Week 11 "Reply Hazy, Ask again"

So, I asked the magic 8 ball for its help in the picks this week. Well I did pick a few myself - I mean I can't leave the Tennessee game to the Oracle's fate (although I asked it anyway).

Obviously this "Magic" 8 ball needs to brush up on its college football, because this week stunk! I personally picked 5 games and took the rest to the Ball.

Right now WE - the ball and I - stand at 20/46 with 4 games left to finish. WOW!

I got 4/5 of my picks right, the 8ball is 15/41!!! Needless to say, I will not be consulting IT again for this. Although it was fun! For a little while I thought HIS 8-ness was seriously messing with me, by telling me every team I asked (I just went with the favorites) was going to win. So to test IT, I would then ask if the underdog was going to win, and would get a "no" answer of some kind. So it was consistent for the most part. I think I will stick to my own devices and wits for the next set of picks. With the season coming to a fast close, I need to get serious and try my best to finish in the top 10, as I have slipped down to a mediocre 19th!

Here are my personal Week 11 picks for which I said "As I see it, Yes"

E Mich vs W Mich - I took W Mich they won 45-30
Tennessee vs Mississippi - I took Tenn

Tennessee came out and spanked Ole Miss like it was their birthday! I haven't been this proud in a while watching a Vols game, even though I proudly don the Big Orange T every weekend, and carry the tote (from Victoria's Secret) every where I go. I usually have to shrug and say, "we are rebuilding". Another new coaching team, scars still healing from the lashes bestowed on us thanks to Lane Kiffin, and a team that is not yet a "team" - although it looked like that may have changed today!! Today I jumped up and down on the couch like Tom Cruise and proclaimed my love for the Volunteers. It was a Yee-Haw moment.

Tennessee's first SEC win of the season, Dooleys first conference win as the Vols Head Coach - and we officially have a streak :) Yes its just two wins in a row, But hey even Texas can't pull that off right now!
An 80 yard return - off a tipped pass, by Hunter, a 46 yard interception return by Gordon, a 43 yard FG by Lincoln... I mean the VOLS were on F-I-R-E today. So one more for the road... sing it with me... Good ole Rocky Top... Rocky Top Tennessee... Rocky Top Tennessee!!!

Speaking of Texas, What do you call a ... ahh crap - today's performance was enough of a joke, to not have to give you a punchline. I picked Oklahoma State to wrangle the Horns - Done!
The Cowboys finally ended their 12 year losing streak against the Horns in an epic battle ending in a 33-16 victory. Gone are the days when Gundy walks off the Longhorn's field with his head hung low, at least for one season. The comeback kids of Texas, and their historical rallies are becoming mere memories in Memorial. Next week should be a cake walk for Texas, but in light of recent (4 in a row) events... I am not so sure. mmmm Cake sounds good.

Iowa vs Northwestern - I took Iowa, as I thought they had the set to beat Northwestern this year, in hopes of getting that long over due revenge. It was an exciting battle of defenses, but unfortunately the EYES lost 21-17, and will have to wait another year for a chance at the Wildcats. The Big 10 title is off the table, even if they can beat their other "Big 10mesis" Ohio State next week.

My last personal pick -
South Carolina over Florida and it was a sweet sweet day to be a Gator Hator - 36-14 -only the Gamecocks got out alive. Former Gator coach Spurrier huffed and puffed and blew down the powerhouse HE built. To quote Meyer himself "We just didn't execute," Meyer said. "We're just not very good." It must have been bittersweet for Spurrier, but to the victor goes the SEC conference game! SCaro vs Auburn -will Auburn give them another whoopin?

oh and my WTF of the week...

Wisconsin, who was favored to win by 21, absolutely whomped Indiana 83 - 20. The Badgers, tied the highest scoring record for a Big 10 conference game, set by Ohio State in 195o, when they won 83-21 over Iowa. Way to go Badgers!

Till next time...

Friday, November 12, 2010

fem football week 10 part 2 - Recaps and predictions...

As I sit here going over this weeks (week 11) games, I volley with myself over whether or not the teams on winning streaks are due for a loss, the teams losing are due for a win, and if I should go with Texas to win this week against Oklahoma State . I consult the magic 8 ball and it says "My sources say no".... Even the 8 ball knows Texas is going down for a 4th week.

Some big rivalries this week. East siiiiide.... versus West siiiiiiide in the Michigans has me throwing up a big W and going with the Broncos.

Iowa versus Northwestern - Northwestern won against the Hawkeyes last season 17-10, so the Eyes will be looking for revenge while also looking to get the Big 10 title. However Northwestern has won 4 of the last 5 meetings. Last week Iowa made a come from behind rally to win against Indiana... Can they rally again this week to break the streak against the wildcats? I hope so... I am taking them to win by at least 10!

Oklahoma vs Texas Tech should prove to be an interesting match up. The Sooners lost to TT last year 41-13, so there is definitely revenge in the air. They have the added pressure of maintaining the nation's longest home winning streak - 35 games straight since their loss to TCU in 05. But while it seems they play better at home, the last few games, both home and away have been volatile. I again go to the magic 8 ball to ask if the Sooners will win and get "My reply is No".

A few upsets I am predicting

Virginia over Maryland
Rutgers over Syracuse
South Carolina over Florida
Tennessee over Mississippi

and to let you know how I faired for week 10 - 22/46 for one of my weakest weeks ever. I hope to revive this week, and gain some late season traction to at least finish top 5 in the picks.

Some upsets I predicted from week 10
North Carolina over Florida State
UCLA over Oregon State
Kansas State over Texas

and my WTF of the week.... Navy took out ECU 76-35... DAMN!