Friday, November 12, 2010

fem football week 10 part 2 - Recaps and predictions...

As I sit here going over this weeks (week 11) games, I volley with myself over whether or not the teams on winning streaks are due for a loss, the teams losing are due for a win, and if I should go with Texas to win this week against Oklahoma State . I consult the magic 8 ball and it says "My sources say no".... Even the 8 ball knows Texas is going down for a 4th week.

Some big rivalries this week. East siiiiide.... versus West siiiiiiide in the Michigans has me throwing up a big W and going with the Broncos.

Iowa versus Northwestern - Northwestern won against the Hawkeyes last season 17-10, so the Eyes will be looking for revenge while also looking to get the Big 10 title. However Northwestern has won 4 of the last 5 meetings. Last week Iowa made a come from behind rally to win against Indiana... Can they rally again this week to break the streak against the wildcats? I hope so... I am taking them to win by at least 10!

Oklahoma vs Texas Tech should prove to be an interesting match up. The Sooners lost to TT last year 41-13, so there is definitely revenge in the air. They have the added pressure of maintaining the nation's longest home winning streak - 35 games straight since their loss to TCU in 05. But while it seems they play better at home, the last few games, both home and away have been volatile. I again go to the magic 8 ball to ask if the Sooners will win and get "My reply is No".

A few upsets I am predicting

Virginia over Maryland
Rutgers over Syracuse
South Carolina over Florida
Tennessee over Mississippi

and to let you know how I faired for week 10 - 22/46 for one of my weakest weeks ever. I hope to revive this week, and gain some late season traction to at least finish top 5 in the picks.

Some upsets I predicted from week 10
North Carolina over Florida State
UCLA over Oregon State
Kansas State over Texas

and my WTF of the week.... Navy took out ECU 76-35... DAMN!

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