Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Fem Football - week 7, Aloha! huh? sigh... Aloha...

EEEEEEEEKKKKKKK! I did what? For those who may not know, Aloha, means hello AND goodbye. Why am I saying that in a football blog? Because, this weekend, Saturday the 16th, I threw a Luau birthday party for a [turning] 3 year old. It was great! There were leis, coconut cups to drink out of, tiki torches, and fantastic beach birthday cake! Organizing the decorations + planning the menu + packing good bags + shopping for last minute items (like a pineapple) = I forgot to do my picks.

Yeah. I know.

Thankfully, there is a default in our little program. Preseason we choose how we want our "missed" weeks to auto pick for us. I default to the favorites. Choices are favorites, underdogs, home team, road while you won't miss a week, you don't get much choice in the picks other than that variant. I defaulted 24/50... ho hum.

So other than the stupid mistake of NOT doing my picks this week, I can't blog about why I picked so and so, and his hair, or any other choices I made.

So I will go to another default, this time for the blog. I will actually talk about some of the football info floating around out there.

I will now reach into my helmet and magically pull out a topic...

Oklahoma, Oklahoma VS Iowa State, and Oklahoma vs Missouri - No for the record, I am not a Sooners fan, but I am married to one.

I didn't pick this team for that reason though.

Oklahoma vs Iowa State - this is the game that put Oklahoma back in the #1 spot. While they hold a few records for this spot, such as "most weeks ranked #1" which sits at 97 weeks, and a streak of 15 consecutive weeks ranked #1, this spot has been eluding them for some time now. In 2004 they were seated number 2 from preseason, through the end, where they lost the BCS championship title to LSU 21-14. Thats when the trouble started. They spent the next 2 years barely waving in and out of the top 25, 2007 they seemed to be getting their groove back, and 2008 they were back in the top 10 all season, even taking turns in the #1 seat weeks 5 and 6. Again they played for the BCS Championship title, and AGAIN they lost - this time to the Gators, and the not so Tiny Tim Tebow 24-14. Which made 2009 an interesting season. We expected the team we saw the year before, but instead the team lost that loving feeling and fell out of the top 25 in week 10. They remained outside the circle for the rest of the season. HUH??

This brings us to this year. They magically managed a number 7 ranking in the preseason, and after some sketchy "almost losses "that were somehow wins, find themselves in the #1 seat once again. A 52-0 victory over Iowa State, more than doubling the spread of 23.5, Ryan Broyles had 182 yards receiving and DeMarco Murray set the school record for most TDs during their stomping of Iowa State, bringing his total to 58 [career touchdowns]. Iowa State was still reeling from their 68-27 loss to Utah, but looked like a high school team with barely 183 total yards the whole game despite 27:03 minutes of possession time. The Sooners magic offense and defense made the most of their 32:57 minutes of possession with 37 first downs, 7 TDs and a field goal. Could this be the team we once knew?

Remaining in the number one spot is going to be tough, and with the schedule set ahead of them, some may say impossible. They are only favored 3 points over next weeks Missouri. Missouri, who managed 7 sacks in last weeks game vs Texas A&M, winning 30-9, will be OU's biggest test this season, despite their 11th place ranking. Missouri is 6-0, Oklahoma is 6-0, Oklahoma has won seven in a row over Missouri and 19 of 20 in the series, with the Tigers' only victory coming in 1998.

The Tigers 35 point game average, and impeccable defense take on the Sooners record setting offense....

Eenie Meenie Minie Mo, can a Sooner catch a Tiger by the toe, again?

dum dum dum.... tune in next week, and find out!

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  1. I think the luau sounds more exciting then some of last weeks games.