Saturday, September 25, 2010

Fem Football Week 4 part 1

We are right in the middle of the week 4 games. I am watching several of the games in shock and excitment as we speak. I am not doing so well, as many of my teams didn't cover the points spread. So regardless of if a team won the game, I lose the pick, and kick myself for not taking the opposing team. Out of 47 games this week - as of this moment 20 are completed, and I am 10/20. hopefully the next 27 games go better for me. To rub salt in my own wounds I will share some of my wrong picks :

Oklahoma vs Cincinnati - spread was 15.5 in OK favor, and they won by 3 - I should have known better.

Iowa vs Ball state - spread 28 in favor of Iowa. I had no doubts Iowa would win, but didn't they would cover. final score? 45-0 - Leaves me feeling like a pretty big goose egg myself!

And just to round out the humiliation with a good even number 3 -

One I NEVER saw coming, and apparently neither did they. The look on Coach Browns face was pretty priceless.
Texas vs UCLA - spread was 16. Should have been a cakewalk for Texas.

UCLA 34 Texas 12

I am off to see if my teams can salvage what little picking dignity I have left.


  1. Football can not be quantified by a points spread girl ... points spreads are so 80s ... today's game is about parity and the ability of anyone at anytime to 'shock the world' ... that is why it gets better every year while other sports fade away ...
    GO BLUE !!!

  2. I'm so slacking with college football this year. Note to self, get more Saturdays off.