Thursday, September 23, 2010

Fem Football week 3 replay

Ahhhh college football is again making my blood boil. I love it, and hate it and love it some more. My husband says its my competitiveness... that I am too competitive, too intense about it. Maybe, but like he's really one to talk. He took himself out of the picks this year, because of the valve replacement surgery he almost needed after an Oklahoma loss.

I try to use logic when making my picks. Who has the best rated defense, best quarter back, best kicker etc. You weigh that against the stats of the other team, and logically there is a winner. But truthfully, logic fails a lot when it comes to football. Math fails to account for heart, determination, or the all out "WTF" fluke. This is why we have upsets of the week, or an entire upset week. Its often a coin toss as to who will win, as much as we picksters like to think that it is our knowledge of the game, our keen insight into the workings of the coaches brain, or whatever, that helps make our choices every week. Regardless of how the Football gods smiled down or smited us, we pat ourselves on the back, and rah rah rah when we have a good set. Like I did in week 3 . Here is an excerpt from the newsletter sent out by our organizer:

Its pretty awesome to be awesome - even if for one small weekend.

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