Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Fem Football

Ahhh College Football. For those of us who love it, we crave it. We talk about it during the off season, we argue over Quarter Backs and Wide Receivers, coaches, penalties, assistant coaches - basically anything to keep the conversation going and the team spirit alive. We breath a sigh of relief when August rolls around, and get the grill ready for tailgating.

Something about the crunch of leaves, and cool breeze makes me want to crack open a beer and toss the football around. But alas, there is no cool breeze in Singapore. So I have to pretend its cool enough for my football sweater, and watch the games via stream on the net. I still enjoy the beer, and tailgate on my balcony.

I am one of the few women I know who participates in the picks. Games are selected every week, points spread, favorite vs underdog, home vs away etc is all mapped out.
We pick
*top ten - who we think the top ten will be when the season is over, and we do this before the season opener
*a sleeper - someone not in the top preseason rankings but we think will be at the end,
*a clunker - a team currently ranked that we think will fall out.

I am up against mostly men.

Men who played football in high school, some in college, all of them in the back yard. They know scores from 10 years ago, averages, yards rushing, height weight and the name of the girlfriend of everyone who picks up a ball in the NCAA.

I paint my toenails while looking over the stats I won't remember, and use weird female scientific rationale to choose my picks.

There are roughly 70 participants, 4 of us female. I am currently the only woman in the top 20, and am tied with 6 others for 9th place. I think I am rocking this thing!

I will keep you updated on my rise and fall. But so you know, my top 10, clunker, and sleeper

Team #1: Ohio State
Team #2: Auburn
Team #3: Florida
Team #4: LSU
Team #5: TCU
Team #6: Texas
Team #7: Oklahoma
Team #8: Boise State
Team #9: Nebraska
Team #10: Tennessee

Sleeper team Tennessee
Clunker Penn State
and I am in the SEC with the VOLS.

I bleed Orange, heart Peyton Manning, Smokey, and Rocky Top.


  1. I love you a little more for putting Ohio State as team #1. :)

  2. My fave part about football is the tailgating:)