Sunday, September 12, 2010

Plans, I have Plans?

I have a huge day planner. I bought it last Nov in anticipation of the new year. I love it. It doesn't fit in my purse, but it holds my life neatly in little tabs with multicolored paper clips, sorted by date, and time.

But I am a combo girl. Burger and fries, mayo and mustard etc. So I use both my day planner and the electronic calender on my iPhone so I get that alarm that tells me I am late for the thing circled in red in my day planner.

Truth be known, I am a stationary addict. I love clean paper, new notebooks, and sticky notes. I love to walk around a stationary store and look at all the stuff I don't need. The only thing I love more than stationary, is personalized stationary. Which is why I am a Vistaprint addict. They ought to pay me a commission for all the business I have sent their way, and the amount of money I have spent on that fantastic website. Notepads with my own logo, business cards with my name and number, funny t-shirts so my friends can wear things that say "More FUN" and "Vanilla Gorilla" on them. Photo coffee mugs with pics of my kids, tote bags with my nieces names, and the list goes on.


I need a new day planner. The year is almost over, and they didn't make a 2011 version of the one I have now. I know it seems I should have time to get a new one, but with all the event planning I have coming up, I need it now so I can start scribbling my notes, highlighting random info, and making those big red circles around important dates. I can't start ticking off the things I have done for my Jan and Feb stuff in the already "last years" planner.

Sounds like an excuse to wonder the stationary store. Anyone wanna chaperon me so I don't walk out of there with 500 new paint pens, post its, and paperclips?

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  1. I found the greatest stationary set today....except I didn't think of you. No, I thought of me and how much I would love to set it on my desk and admire it's prettiness. What did you end up buying?