Thursday, November 25, 2010

Fem Football Week 12 review and week 13 trash talk

I am very sad to see this season coming to a close. It seems when you are away from something, you miss it and love it more than usual. While I am not 100% away from football thanks to the internet, satellites, etc... I am not as immersed in it as I am in the States. Getting up at 3, 4, 5 am to stream the games on the internet, following the gamecast from ESPN, is better than nothing, but I miss all the commercials, constant roll out of info on the teams and players, sports talk shows, and seeing the fans sporting the gear all season long out in public. Participating in the picks has helped me stay in the loop, and I feel a small sense of normalcy when it comes to football.

For week 12 I did pretty well, might be one of my best weeks yet. I called a few upsets, and came out 28/44 in the picks bringing me back in the top 10! And I can thank myself for that not the "not so magic" 8-ball.

Some notable correct picks

Tennessee over Vandy. Most years that is an obvious pick, but the few years it has been very much up in the air as to who is gonna win. Its a major in state rivalry, and a fun one. I still pull for them when they are not playing Tennessee.

Hawaii over San Jose State. They covered the 30 point spread plus 4 points.

Unfortunately I DID NOT call any of the major upsets! Boo on me!
Oregon State over USC 36-7
Connecticut over syracuse 23-6

there were others... I missed them.

Will try to catch them on this next round.
I am gonna take
ECU over SMU
Florida over Florida State
Penn State over Michigan State

52 games this week... gonna be fun!

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