Wednesday, September 7, 2011

NCAA Football Week 1 recap

Well... here's how my picks for week 1 turned out...

Texas over Rice with the spread being 23 - Despite a slow start by a shaky offense, Texas once again trampled Rice. Texas out passed, out rushed, and even out penalty-ed the Owls...It was a good practice game to find the holes - kinda like blowing up a tire, and pushing it under water to see where the bubbles are coming from. I expect they will be patched for next weeks run against BYU

- Final score Texas 34, Rice 9 

Ohio over New Mexico State with a spread of 7.5  - It was a battle of Ohio's rushing  game versus New Mexico State's passing game. Ohio rushed for 241 yards compared to NMS measly 6! Manly's killer arm just wasn't enough with all the holes in the defense.

Final score Ohio 44, New Mexico State 24

USC over Minnesota with a spread of  21 - I did take USC to win, but not cover the spread. Good thing too, as the end zone was a hard find for both teams.  The Trojans only managed 3 touchdowns, painfully failing a 2-point conversion attempt on the first two before smartening up and kicking the extra point on the last one. And that was just the first half of the game. Despite a school-receiving record of 17 passes for 177 yards, and a school-passing record of 34 passes for 304 yards, they did not score in the second half, and had trouble stopping the Gophers 2 touchdowns.  I think Kiffin has his work cut out for him, sewing up the defense and figuring out how to harness the magic in Barkley's arm, and Wood's sticky fingers!

Final score USC 19- Minn 17

I'm also took Tennessee over Montana,  LSU over Oregon, and Northwestern over Boston College

Tennessee wowed in their season opener 42 - 16 : (YAY! Go Vols!)
LSU took out Oregon 40 - 27
Northwestern upset the favored Eagles 24-17

It was an exciting 1st week in the picks league over at - I picked 17 outta 31. I'm #23 tied with 9 others for 6th place - there are 61 of us playing!


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